How to Watch Telegram Videos Without Terabox

Telegram is filled with Terabox links, and it’s very annoying. But why are a lot of channels promoting Terabox links, and is there a way to watch Telegram videos without Terabox? I’ll tell you everything in this post.

Why Is Telegram Filled With Terabox Links?

According to my research, monetization is the primary reason for using Terabox to share videos. Most of those channels sharing Terabox links post copyrighted videos (mostly movies and web series).

Earning money from copyrighted videos, movies, or web series is tough. And this is where Terabox comes into the picture. It makes it easy to monetize videos and earn money.

Telegram doesn’t pay them for uploading videos (even the original ones). In the case of copyrighted videos, Telegram may even block their channels and groups.

So, the bottom line is that people are sharing Terabox links on Telegram to make money.

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How to Watch Telegram Videos Without Terabox

If you are obsessed with seeing Terabox box links on Telegram, you must be wondering, “can I watch Telegram video without Terabox app?”. Well, you can, and that too very easily.

Method 1: Using a Telegram Bot

I bet you’re still using the old ways to find videos on Telegram, and you actually end up getting Terabox links. What if I tell you there’s a way to find your favorite videos, movies, and web series in a single click? Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

There are Telegram bots that can give you direct download links of movies and web series you want to watch.

The bot I’m referring to is Rexie Cat bot.

Step 1: Add the Rexie Cat bot to your Telegram account.

Step 2: Click START.

Step 3: Send the name of your movie or web series. It will reply to you with direct download links.

Step 4: Tap on a link to download the file.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to join a channel. Join the channel to use this bot.

Step 6: After joining the channel, you’ll quickly get the link to download the video.

You’ll have to wait until the video is downloaded before you can watch it.

Don’t want to wait? Check out the next method.

Method 2: Using Your Computer

You don’t need to download Terabox on your computer to play videos. Just paste the link into any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari) on your computer and start enjoying the video.

I have tried playing the video using the desktop mode in Google Chrome on my Android device, but it didn’t work. But the video was playing on my Lenovo laptop without any issues.

If you have a laptop or desktop, it’s super easy to play Terabox videos.

I hope the solutions I’ve provided above were useful. If you still have questions, write the comments below. I’ll try to respond at the earliest.

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