Best Opera GX Settings for Low End PC

Best Opera GX settings for low end PC

Having a low end PC is not a restriction for Opera GX if the best settings are in place. In this guide, we are going to share with you the best Opera GX settings for low end PC to enjoy a smooth experience.

Opera GX is a popular browser among gamers as it offers loads of features tailored to enhance the gaming experience. The browser comes with plenty of customization to match your needs. PCs with high end specs can easily run Opera GX. However, those with a low end PC need to optimize the Opera GX settings to ensure efficient resource utilization and smooth experience.

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Here, we will explore crucial Opera GX settings you need to optimize.

Best Opera GX Settings for Your Low End PC

These Opera GX settings need to be optimized to get the best out of the browser.

Limit RAM Usage for Opera GX

Opera GX has a RAM Limiter feature to allow a specific amount of RAM to the browser. By default, this feature is turned off. It means the browser can use as much RAM as it needs.

If there are a lot of open tabs in Opera GX, the browser can take a lot of RAM. And, if there’s very minimal RAM available, other Windows processes may get affected, which could cause problems, such as lagging, freezing, etc.

Although Opera GX is optimized to efficiently use the RAM, setting the RAM limit ensures that sufficient RAM will be available for other apps/processes as well.

There’s no exact number, how much RAM should you allocate to Opera GX on your low end PC? However, a conservative approach is to allocate 50-60% of the total RAM to this browser. So, if your PC has 4GB RAM, allocate a maximum of 2.5GB for Opera GX.

You can find the RAM Limiter feature under GX Control. (Check the screenshot below)

Setting up RAM Limiter in Opera GX

Done setting up RAM Limiter? Now, we have to apply some limits to the CPU as well.

Limit CPU Usage for Opera GX

Let’s say your PC has sufficient RAM but the CPU usage is 100%. What do you think, how will your PC perform? Apps may start lagging and new apps won’t start at all. Hence, optimizing CPU usage is equally important.

Opera GX also lets you put a limit to the CPU usage. Using the GX Control, you can allocate a maximum amount of CPU the browser can use.

Again, there is no official number on how much CPU you should be allocating to Opera GX. However, it has been observed that limiting it to 50-60% strikes a good balance between performance and power consumption.

Setting CPU Limiter in Opera GX

Use Hot Tabs Killer

For PC users with low end specs, Hot Tabs Killer is a very useful feature. You can quickly see the RAM and CPU eating tabs and close them with a click of your mouse. It can help you save system resources for better performance and a smooth experience.

Use Hot Tabs Killer to kill high-resource tabs when your PC is facing performance issues. You can find this feature under GX Control.

Hot Tabs Killer in Opera GX

Tapping the “x” icon next to a tab name in Hot Tabs Killer (as shown in the above screen) will close the tab. If you have important data in that tab, make sure to save it.

Use Limited Extensions

Do not fill your Opera GX browser with lots of extensions. It can unnecessarily put a load on the CPU and you may face performance issues. Only use important ones and remove the rest.

Some Important Tips

  • Try not to use animated or moving images as wallpaper as it also takes some system resources.
  • Clean up the cache frequently. Don’t worry! It will not remove any of your data. Neither it will log you out of websites. Tap the broom-like icon (GX Cleaner) in the sidebar, select the Cache box, and click START CLEANING.
Clear cache in Opera GX using GX Cleaner
  • Enable battery saver in Opera GX. Not only it will save the battery, but it will also remove non-critical processes from the memory.

Final Words

Opera GX is a gaming-focused browser, but it’s not solely made for high-end computers. Even low end PCs can smoothly run the browser if the settings are well-optimized. We have mentioned all the details above. Implement them on your Opera GX browser and enjoy a smooth experience.

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