How to Increase Download Speed in Opera GX [6 Tips]

How to Increase Download Speed in Opera GX

Looking to supercharge your downloads in Opera GX? This guide will walk you through effective solutions on how to increase download speed in Opera GX.

Opera GX has been the go-to choice for millions of users, primarily because of consistent performance, heavy customizations, and optimized internet speed. However, at times, it can take hours for the downloads to complete.

As reported by Opera GX users on the official forum, the download speed sometimes drops drastically; from a few Mbps to 100-200 Kbps. Some say, the Opera GX browser is slow compared to other browsers.

If your internet connection is fast but Opera GX downloads are slow, the solutions in this article should accelerate the download speed.

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Why Does Opera GX Download So Slow?

  • VPN is slowing down the internet: Using a VPN (or Opera GX’s built-in VPN) will slow down the download speed. Make sure you’re using a VPN or any other proxy.
  • The server is busy: You may be downloading files from a website that is currently busy at the moment. When the servers are busy or occupied, the downloads will be slow, no matter which browser you choose and how fast your internet connection is.
  • Unstable/slow Internet connection: Your internet connection may be unstable or too slow to download a file. An unstable internet connection may even lead to download failure.
  • Too many parallel downloads: If you are downloading too many files concurrently, it’s obvious to face the slow downloading problem. Limit the number of parallel downloads and analyze the download speed.
  • Outdated browser: You may be using an older version of Opera GX which may not be optimized for high download speeds. Try updating the browser to see if it boosts the download speed.

These are common reasons why you may be getting slow download speed in Opera GX. Apply the solutions below to quickly accelerate the download speed.

How to Increase Download Speed in Opera GX

Try these solutions to quickly increase download speed in Opera GX.

1. Reboot Your Router

When you’re getting slow download speed in Opera GX or any other browser, the first thing to check is your internet connection. Run a speed test via and analyze the result. If the connection is slow or unstable, reboot your router.

To reboot your router, simply unplug the power cable. After 2 minutes, plug the cable back into the outlet. Connect your device to the internet and download a file on Opera GX to check if the speed has gone up.

2. Disable VPN

Although a VPN is recommended for online safety, it can slow down the internet as your traffic is routed through multiple tunnels. If you are using VPN software, disable the VPN connection.

Also, make sure that you have turned off Opera GX’s built-in VPN. Go to Opera GX Settings, search VPN using the search bar, and disable VPN.

Now, close Opera GX and launch the browser again. Download a file to check if the problem is fixed.

3. Enable Parallel Downloading

Parallel downloading is disabled by default. To enjoy the best download speed, you should turn it on.

Here’s how to turn on parallel downloading in Opera GX:

1. Type “opera://flags” in the search bar and press Enter.

Opera flags

2. Search for “Parallel downloading” using the search bar.

3. Click the dropdown and select Enable and tap on Relaunch.

Enabling Parallel Downloading in Opera GX

4. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Opera GX browser stores cache which keeps building up over time. When the cache size gets huge or if it gets corrupted, it can slow down the browser and the downloading speed. You should clear your browser cache and cookies regularly for optimal performance.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Launch Opera GX and tap on the Settings icon.

Settings option in Opera GX

2. Go to Privacy & security and click Clear browsing data.

Privacy and security in Opera GX

3. Set the Time range to All time.

4. Tick the Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files boxes.

5. Tap on Clear data.

Clearing Opera GX cookies and cache images, files

After clearing cookies, cached images, and files, relaunch the browser and download a file to check if the speed has improved.

5. Check if the Server is Busy

No matter how fast your internet connection is, if the server is busy, you will get a slow download speed. Even during maintenance (when the servers are improved or upgraded), you are likely to get slow download speed.

To check if the slow downloading problem is caused by Opera GX, download a test file from If the test file is downloading at a high speed, the previous website has server problems.

When there are server problems, either use a different website or access the website after an hour.

6. Limit Parallel Downloads

If too many files are downloading on your device, it’s quite obvious to see a decrease in the download speed. Pause other downloads and see if the speed is improved.

You would also want to check if Windows is downloading the update in the background or updating apps. Go to Windows Settings and tap on Windows Update to check if updates are downloading. If they are, wait for the download to finish.

Do not try downloading multiple files from the same website. It will increase the server load and will eventually lead to slow downloading.

Final Words

If you are constantly getting slow downloading speed in Opera GX, optimizing these settings should accelerate it. If the best settings are in place but the problem persists, most likely the server is busy. We hope this guide was useful.

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