4 Best Android Launchers for Enhanced Focus and Productivity [2023]

Best Android launchers for focus and productivity

Big tech firms pay millions of dollars to seek your attention. They want you to use their platforms for hours so that they can make money. The harsh reality is that most of us have fallen into this trap and are losing focus and productivity. If you can’t detach yourself from your smartphone, these 4 Android launchers will help you stay focused, resulting in better productivity.

Most Android launchers, including the one pre-installed on your phone, are designed to grab most of your time. You will see a lot of app icons on the phone, and you’ll probably tap on one. Your launcher’s home screen is the main culprit. The more apps on the home screen, the more urges to use the apps.

Did you know:
The app icon plays a crucial role in attracting users and can influence their decision to engage with an app. A visually appealing icon creates a positive impression, making users more likely to click on it.

4 Best Android Launchers to Improve Focus and Productivity

If you do mindless scrolling or keep using one app after the other, these Android launchers will surely help you with your focus and productivity.

1. Minimalist Productivity Launch

Minimalist Productivity Launch

One of the best launchers to improve your focus, and that’s why it’s at the top of our list. The Minimalist Productivity Launch is a fast launcher. It won’t display app icons, just the names.

The best thing I like about this launcher is the “Year in progress” and “Day in progress” bars. It stays there all the time. Whenever I unlock the device, I see how much of today and the year has passed (in percentage), which helps a lot in removing distractions. You can customize home apps, themes, and fonts. Also, it has the app hide feature.

Minimalist Productivity Launch options


  • Fast launcher.
  • No app icons.
  • Year in progress and Day in progress indicator.
  • Theme customizations.
  • Icon pack support.
  • Multiple fonts support.
  • Ability to hide apps.

Swiping left from the home screen will show you the app list and the time you’ve spent on the app.

Minimalist Productivity LaunchGoogle Play Store [Free]

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2. Flow Productivity Launcher

Flow Productivity Launcher

Flow launcher is another excellent Android launcher for productivity. If you didn’t like the text style in Minimalist Productivity Launch, the Flow launcher can be a great fit for you.

The Flow Launcher has a simple yet productive home UI. It shows you the time spent on your phone and quick shortcuts for calling, messaging, and the app drawer at the bottom.

Flow Productivity Launcher screenshots

The launcher has a built-in Pomodoro time management tool. You can choose your focus duration. During that time, the app drawer becomes inaccessible. Swiping left from the home screen shows you upcoming events, tasks, and screen time. You can add more widgets here by tapping on Add More Widgets.

Features (Free version):

  • Up to 5 apps on the home screen.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Focus mode.
  • Shows upcoming events (requires calendar access).
  • Add tasks for today.
  • Add more widgets on My Feeds.

Features (Paid):

  • Hide app icons.
  • Up to 10 apps on the home screen.
  • Different icon shapes.
  • Double tap to lock.
  • More home screen shortcut icons.
  • Icon packs.

Flow Productivity Launcher – Google Play Store [Free]

3. Ratio


Ratio launcher has a more minimalistic home screen. Rather than showing the app names or icons, it only shows the category names, tapping on which shows the apps from that category. You can add multiple categories on the home screen.

Swiping up will show you all apps in alphabetical order. Swiping right from the home screen shows you a blank area to add your favorite widgets, whereas swiping left shows the conversation area.

Ratio launcher screenshots

The minimalist look and focus feature will help you improve your focus and productivity.


  • App categorization.
  • A search bar at the bottom.
  • Widgets area.
  • Focus hours.
  • Auto-replies.
  • App hide.

Ratio – Google Play Store [Free]

4. Minimalist Phone

Minimalist Launcher

It was a free app during the early access, but now you need to pay before using any of its features. The sad part is that the Minimalist Phone launch won’t let you see its homepage and features before paying.

This is another excellent app for boosting your focus and productivity. You can customize the lock screen design and add your favorite apps on the home screen. The launcher gives you the ability to add time limits to all apps.

Minimalist Launcher screenshots

You can personalize the home screen by customizing the theme, font size, and typography.


  • Set a time limit for apps.
  • Hide apps.
  • Notification filter.
  • Color themes.
  • Fast and smooth.

Minimalist Phone – Google Play Store [Requires in-app purchase]

How to Check How Many Hours Do You Spend Every Day on Your Phone?

You can get valuable insights about your phone usage without installing an app.

Open Settings, find the Digital Wellbeing option, and tap on it.

Digital Wellbeing

It shows how many hours you’ve spent on your phone daily. You can also see the time spent on all apps. Digital Wellbeing also tells you how many times you’ve unlocked your device and the number of received notifications.

Additional Tips to Improve Focus and Productivity

  • Disable notifications from distracting apps.
  • Enable DND.
  • Use Digital Wellbeing to track your phone usage.
  • Install a to-do list app.

How valuable is this guide for you? Do share your thoughts about these launchers in the comments below.

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