How to Switch Chrome Profile on Android

switch chrome profile on Android
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Switching between Google Chrome profiles on a computer is super smooth. It takes only two clicks. However, when it comes to Android, the process becomes complicated. In this guide, I will tell you multiple ways to switch Google Chrome profile on Android smartphones.

Unlike the PC version, Google Chrome for Android does not allow creating users. That’s the one feature I miss the most on my Android device. However, there are nifty ways to use multiple Chrome profiles on Android phones. In the solutions below, you’ll also know how to switch accounts on Chrome mobile.

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How to Switch Chrome Profile on Android

After digging through Chrome settings, I have found two ways to switch Google Chrome profiles on your Android phone. Try them and make Chrome more productive.

Method #1: Using the Chrome Settings

Like Google Chrome on PC, there’s no way to keep Chrome signed into different accounts at the same time. On your Android phone, you need to sign out first and then sign into another account.

1. Launch Google Chrome and tap on your profile icon.

2. Tap on your profile name.

multiple chrome profiles android

3. Click Sign out and turn off sync.

4. Tap on Continue to sign out of this account on Chrome. Don’t worry, this Google account won’t be removed from your phone.

Signing out of Google Chrome

5. Tap on Choose another account and select the account you want to switch to in Google Chrome.

How to switch accounts on Chrome mobile

Method #2: Using Chrome Beta

If you want to switch your Chrome profile on Android without signing out of Chrome, this solution is for you. You can’t keep two accounts signed in on Google Chrome. But, you can use Google Chrome beta for this purpose.

Simply go to Google Play Store, search for Chrome beta, and install the app. Launch the app, choose the account you want to sign into Chrome and start using Chrome beta. That’s how you can use multiple Chrome profiles without having to sign out and sign in again.

Method #3: Using Third Party App

There are plenty of apps on the Google Play Store which can run another instance of an app installed on your Android phone. Some popular apps are Multi Accounts, Parallel App, and 2Accounts. They can create another instance of Google Chrome, which you can use for another purpose.

Such third-party do not usually have tight security and you never know what are they doing with your data. Hence, I would not recommend signing into your Google account on a second instance of Chrome created by such apps. Rather, you should be using Chrome beta.

So, that’s how you can easily switch your Google Chrome profiles on Android. I use the second method. Which one are you going to use? Do let us know in the comments below.

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