How to Delete Secure Folder in Samsung Without Password

How to delete Secure Folder in Samsung Without password

I was testing out Samsung’s Secure Folder feature last month. But after a few days, I forgot the password. While creating Secure Folder, I didn’t bother linking it to my Samsung account, and this was the mistake. Samsung has added tight security features to Secure Folder and therefore you can’t delete it without the password. After searching the internet for solutions and doing changes on my phone, I was able to delete Secure Folder. In this guide, I will share with you all the methods on how to delete Secure Folder in Samsung without password.

Secure Folder, as the name suggests, is a secure and encrypted space on your Samsung device for storing files, apps, and other data. You can keep very important files there so that they can’t be accessed by others.

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Let’s now look at the ways to delete your Secure Folder without requiring a password.

How to Delete Secure Folder in Samsung Without Password

These solutions have worked for many users. If one does not work, try the next solution. Repeat it until you delete the Secure Folder.

Solution 1: Clear Secure Folder Cache and Data

This solution has worked for many Samsung users as verified by them on the Samsung Community. You have to clear the data and cache for Secure Folder. It should allow you to sign in to Secure Folder with your Samsung account.

delete Samsung Secure Folder without password solution

According to the user who posted this solution, it won’t delete Secure Folder stored data.

Clear Secure Folder cache and data

Solution 2: Use Delete Data Option

As mentioned by a couple of users on the Samsung Community, they got the “Delete data” option after trying passwords multiple times. The option allows users to create a new password for Secure Folder without deleting any of its stored contents.

user response on Samsung Community

This solution didn’t work for me. But, since some users got successful, I am mentioning it here. Try this solution and do let us know if it worked for you or not.

Solution 3: Reset Your Phone

If the above solutions did not work out in your favor, you can factory reset your phone to remove Secure Folder without a password. I have verified this solution and it works on all Samsung devices.

Before resetting your phone, please keep in mind that it will remove all data from your phone including your photos, videos, documents, Wi-Fi passwords, installed apps, etc. So, I would highly recommend taking a complete backup before factory resetting your Samsung phone.

Reset Samsung Phone

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