How to Access Banned Telegram Channels (Easily)

Telegram can ban channels if they share copyrighted content or do activities against their policies. Despite being banned, they are accessible in many ways.

Here, I’ll share with you easy tricks to access those banned Telegram channels.

Why Does Telegram Ban Channels?

You can skip to the next section for the steps. However, I would encourage you to understand the reason behind banned/blocked Telegram channels.

Telegram doesn’t allow adult content on its platform. The restriction is so strict in countries like India. If you’re in India and can’t access a channel, it means the channel is banned or restricted in your country. In that case, you’ll see a message like “This channel can’t be displayed because it was used to spread ……”.

Telegram can also ban channels if they are used to spread false information.

How to Access Banned or Blocked Telegram Channels?

After a lot of digging, I have found these two ways to access banned channels on Telegram, and these actually work.

Method 1: Access Content Using a Third-Party Tool

There’s a third-party website that lets you access content of channels you can’t access on Telegram.

The website I’m talking about is tlgrm.eu.

Go to the website, search for your favorite channels, and access the content without using Telegram.

There are many categories on the website containing dozens of channels. You can also access them.

If you try to access adult content, you’ll need to log into the website.

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Method 2: Use a Virtual Number

Countries like India have strict content rules for apps. This leads to the unavailability of a massive number of channels in the country.

If the channel you’re trying to access is banned in your country, you can get a virtual number from a less content-restrictive country like the United States and get access to those channels.

You can get free United States phone numbers using apps like TextPlus and Text Now.

Even after getting a virtual phone number, if you can’t access the channel, try using a VPN.

These are the two methods you can use to access blocked channels on Telegram.

Let me know which method did work out for you in the comments below.

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