How to Know if a Telegram Link Is Safe

How to know if a Telegram link is safe

With Over 700 million active users, Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging app. Its immense popularity makes it a sweet spot for hackers and scammers to target. And what’s the best way to get access to someone’s phone? spammy or infected links. So, it’s important to identify such links before you tap into it and become a victim. In this post, we’ll tell you several tips on how to know if a Telegram link is safe.

Telegram is one of the most secure instant messaging applications, but that does not mean all the links on this application are legit. Most of them coming from unknown sources could steal your information. So, check out these tips to be safe while dealing with multiple links on Telegram.

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Tips to Know if a Telegram Link Is Safe

Before you tap on a link on Telegram, keep these important points in mind to save yourself from scammers and hackers.

1. Check for Link Redirection

Most spammy Telegram link will redirect you to another website. It happens often on illegal Telegram channels that provide downloading links for movies or videos. You can check if the link will redirect to another website by putting the URL on wheregoes.com.

First things first, you should never click on unknown links. And, if it is redirecting to another unknown website, strictly avoid tapping on such links.

2. Check the Real Link

The link you see might not be the actual link. Telegram has an option to create a link. Check the image below for more details.

Telegram Create Link

In the above screenshot, you’ll see www.google.com on Telegram, but tapping on it will take you to this website. Thankfully, Telegram tells you in such cases. When you tap on it, Telegram will tell you the actual link. See the screenshot below for more details.

Telegram link feature

So, the bottom line is, when you see such pop-up after tapping on a link, carefully look at the URL and tap on Open only when you’re sure about the website.

3. Avoid Unknown Links

In the above two methods, we look at many ways to check the real URL you’ll be taken to upon tapping on it. If you think the website is legit, go ahead. But, if the website is unknown to you, we’d advise not to tap on the link.

If you want to check the unknown link, better connect to a VPN and open the link in a new browser where you have not stored your personal information or card details.

4. Do Not Download an Apk File

Most spam links on Telegram will try to download an Apk file. Do not strictly download any Apk files. Most of them contains virus and can infect your phone. In case you’ve already downloaded an Apk file from Telegram, do not install it. Open the File Manager, find this Apk file, and delete it right away.

Never download an Apk file from unknown channels and groups on Telegram.

We hope these tips will help you identify spam links on Telegram. Let us know if you have found any spam links in the comments section below.

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