Fix Telegram Videos Not Loading or Playing [iPhone, Android, Laptop]

Telegram videos not loading or playing
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Can’t play Telegram videos? Well, there are a number of factors that could be held responsible for this. It could be an unsupported file extension, a software bug, or an unfinished download. In this guide, we’ll tell you different ways to fix if Telegram videos not loading or playing on your iPhone, Android, or laptop.

Telegram is one of the generous instant messaging services. In addition to a host of features, it allows users to share files up to 2GB for free. And, there’s no limit on how many files you can share as long as the file size is within the specified limit.

Telegram also does not change the file extension. So, the received video on Telegram is downloaded in the same video format. While it is good, sometimes it can cause problems. If the video format is not supported by your device (or the default video player), the video won’t play. Don’t worry! You only need the right video player in this case.

In this guide, we’ll troubleshoot all the issues that could be causing issues with playing or loading Telegram videos.

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Telegram Videos Not Loading or Playing? Here’s How to Fix It

If you can’t play Telegram videos, try these solutions and get the issue resolved.

1. Use a Streaming Bot

If you can’t play Telegram videos, send them to a file streaming bot, and start watching the videos. There are dozens of Telegram file-streaming bots. However, the one I suggest is AutoFileStreamBot.

Add the AutoFileStreamBot to your Telegram and forward the video to this bot. You will quickly receive links to download or watch the video. You can send up to 5 links to this bot.

Telegram Auto File Stream Bot

2. Download the Full Video

Not all Telegram videos are optimized to play while they are being downloaded. This is mostly true for long videos (above 30 minutes). If you see the “Video is not optimized for streaming ….” message on Telegram, you will need to download the video to play it.

Just wait for the download to finish and then play it.

3. Save the Video to Gallery

Even after downloading the video, it is not playing within Telegram, you can save it to the gallery and use the default video player to play it. Just tap the three dot icon on the video and select Save to Gallery.

Open the Gallery app on your phone, find the video, and play it. If the video is still not playing, probably the default video play does not support the video format. In such a case you can use a third-party software. More on this below.

4. Use a Third-Party Video Player

Download a third-party video play that supports nearly all the video extensions. I would recommend VLC Media Player. You can download the app from Google Play Store or via the official website.

VLC media player should smoothly play the video.

Even after applying these solutions if the problem persists, most likely the video is corrupted. Ask the sender to send the video again.

Telegram Videos Not Playing on Android

If Telegram videos are not playing on your Android smartphone, the video may not be optimized to play while it’s being downloaded. Download the full video, save it to the gallery, and use a powerful video player like VLC to play the video.

Telegram Videos Not Playing on iPhone

If you’re trying to play Telegram videos without downloading them, you require a fast and stable internet connection. Otherwise, your iPhone may remain stuck on the loading screen.

Despite a good connection if the video is not playing, probably the Telegram video is not optimized to play. In that case, you will need to download the video and then play it within Telegram or using the Photos app.

Telegram Web Videos Not Loading

If videos are not loading on Telegram Web, save them to your device and play them using VLC or any other media player. If the problem persists, you can use the AutoFileStream bot to watch the video. I have mentioned all the steps in solution #1.

Why Are My Telegram Videos Not Downloading?

If you can’t download Telegram videos, the first thing to check is your internet connection. If the connection is too slow or unstable, the video may not download. Next, check if your device has sufficient storage.

Despite having a good internet connection and sufficient storage if the videos are not downloading, restart your computer to fix minor glitches. Sometimes the videos are corrupted, which is another reason why you can’t download them.

I hope this guide provides enough details on why your Telegram videos are not loading or playing on your Android, iPhone, or PC. Now, you also know how to troubleshoot the problem. Apply the solutions and start watching your favorite videos.

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