Telegram Premium: Should You Get It or Not?

Telegram Premium

Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messaging platforms. It was completely free until they launched a “Premium” model on June 19, 2022. Earlier, Telegram was solely based on donations to manage all the costs. However, with the introduction of Telegram Premium, it’s now a freemium service. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about Telegram Premium.

Telegram Premium Pricing

Telegram Premium was launched for $4.99 a month in the United States. In India, it was launched for INR 469 a month. It was only a matter of a few months, Telegram slashed its subscription price in India. As of April 2023, Indian users can get Telegram Premium for just INR 259.90 monthly (or INR 1950 a year).

Telegram Free vs Premium

Telegram Premium is a solid upgrade. You get faster download speed, more upload size limits, and much more.

Profile badge: Telegram premium users stand out from free users as they have a special badge next to their name. As soon as you get the premium membership, this special badge will be added next to your account.

Telegram Premium - profile badge

Increased upload limit: The free users can upload a file of up to 2GB. With Telegram Premium you get 2X upload size limit – up to 4GB. Telegram still offers unlimited file uploads for its free users.

Faster downloads: According to Telegram, premium users will be able to download media and files at the fastest possible speed. It means the maximum speed of your internet will be the speed of Telegram downloads.

Telegram premium - faster upload

Unique Stickers and Reactions: Telegram stickers have always been great. And they are taking it to another level by adding full-screen animations to stickers for paid subscribers. Telegram says, the premium sticker collection will be updated every month by Telegram artists.

Telegram free users can also react to messages, but the reaction emojis are very limited. With Telegram Premium, you get over 10 new emojis to express your feelings.

Animating profile video: The profile video of Telegram paid subscribers will animate for everyone in the chat and on the chat list.

Telegram Premium - Animated Profile Pictures

No sponsored ads: Telegram shows ads in public channels in some countries. With premium, you do not have to see those sponsored ads.

Chat Management: With Telegram Premium, you can organize you chat lists. For example, you can organize all your school groups at one place. Chat Management can be very helpful for people having lots of chats and groups.

Telegram Premium - Chat Management

2X Limits: Telegram paid users can:

  • Follow up to 1000 channels
  • Pin 10 chats in the main chat list
  • Reserve up to 20 t.me/names links
  • Save up to 400 GIFs in favorite GIFs

These are 2x limits compared to a free user. In addition to this, Premium users can write a longer bio and add a link to it.

Voice-to-Text conversion: You can’t listen to an audio message on your phone during a meeting, but using the Voice-to-Text feature, you can convert it to a text and read what the other person is saying.

Should You Get Telegram Premium?

Well, the answer depends on how you use Telegram. One of the primary reasons for getting a premium subscription is to stand alone from other users. Your Telegram account will have a special badge.

If you are a fan of Telegram stickers, going for premium should not be a bad option. You will get access to loads of new and interactive stickers and reactions. Like me, if you upload and download too many files on Telegram, getting Telegram Premium is a good choice as you get 2x upload size limit and better download speed.

If you are still not confident about whether you should go for Telegram Premium or not, get the monthly Premium membership. After a month, if you think the subscription was worth your money, you can continue your subscription.

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