How to fix the Space bar button size issue in Samsung Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard Space/Period button typing issue
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While many Samsung users like the default Samsung Keyboard, a good portion of the users do not. The primary reason is the size of the space bar. Some users on the Samsung forum have posted that the space bar becomes even smaller in Google Chrome that the user often types the period buttons instead of the Space bar. So, in this guide, we’ll look at the best possible ways to fix the problem with typing the period button in the Samsung Keyboard.

How to fix the space bar/period button size issue in Samsung Galaxy phones

Method 1: Resize Samsung Keyboard

Resizing the whole on-screen keyboard in your Samsung Galaxy phone might solve the issue. For this, following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General Management -> Samsung Keyboard settings.
  • Tap on Size and transparency.
  • Resize the keyboard as per your need.

Method 2: Custom symbols

Samsung Keyboard is filled with customizations, and you can make use of it to fix the space button size issue. Navigate to Samsung Keyboard settings and find Custom symbols.

Tap on the Reset button and replace the symbol on the keyboard with the symbol of your choice. If this does not help fix the issue, move on to the next method.

Method 3: Replace Samsung Keyboard

In case the above two methods have not worked out for you, replace the default Samsung Keyboard with any other Android keyboard. We recommend Gboard (also called Google Keyboard). It also comes with loads of features, and you won’t face the space bar button size issue. To download Gboard, open Google Play Store, search for Gboard and tap on the install button.

To make Gboard the default keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy phone, navigate to Settings -> General management -> Language and input -> Default keyboard -> Choose Gboard.

Hopefully, this guide would have solved your typing issue with the Samsung Keyboard. Let us know, which method did the trick for you. Also, feel free to ask anything in the comments.

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