Telegram Pictures Not Sending [6 Proven Solutions]

Telegram Pictures Not Sending

Instant messaging applications have become a part of our lives. Whether you want to share your memorable moments, important images, or any other file, they can easily do the job. Among the available options, Telegram stands out as a popular choice as it offers unlimited free backup of your files on the cloud.

Users can effortlessly share images on Telegram. However, there can be occasional hiccups that can disrupt the messaging experience. Many users have complained about the Telegram pictures not sending problem. I know how frustrating it can be when you can’t share your favorite or important images. Whether your Telegram pictures are stuck in the sending queue or fail to send, this guide will tell you how to fix it.

Some Telegram users are also having issues while sending disappearing photos. The solutions in this guide should resolve all issues related to sending photos on Telegram.

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How to Fix if Telegram Pictures Are Not Sending?

From basic checks to advanced troubleshooting, we’ve jotted down everything you can apply to fix the issue. Apply these troubleshooting methods and start sending Telegram pictures effortlessly.

1. Disconnect Your Internet Temporarily

Whenever you can’t send photos on Telegram, the first thing you should check is your internet. If your connection is unstable, the file may not upload.

Run an internet speed test via speedtest.net and analyze the result. Since you’re trying to send photos, the upload speed should be good (above 10Mbps).

Internet speed test
Photo Credit: Frederik Lipfert | Unsplash

I would recommend performing a quick router reboot. Simply unplug the cable and then plug it back in after 2 minutes. If you are on mobile data, turn off the data connection and remove the Telegram app from the recent apps menu. Now, turn on your mobile data and start sharing photos on Telegram.

2. Restart Your Device

System glitches could conflict with apps on your device, resulting in many problems. Resolving system glitches is as simple as restarting your device. Restart your device and check if the problem occurs afterward.

3. Turn off the VPN

If your device is connected to a VPN service, disconnect it now and then try sending pictures on Telegram. Although a VPN is recommended for online safety, it can sometimes cause upload issues.

VPN on smartphone
Photo Credit: Stefan Coders | Pexels

While we troubleshoot the problem, turn off the VPN. Check if you are able to send pictures on Telegram.

4. Check Telegram App Permissions

If Telegram is still not sending photos, you need to check if it has permission to access photos and videos on your device. If the storage permission is not granted, Telegram won’t be able to access photos and videos.

1. Go to Settings and tap on Apps.

2. Find Telegram in the app list and tap on it.

Telegram app in App List

3. Tap on Permissions and click Photos and videos.

4. Make sure the Allow is selected.

Telegram app permissions

5. Update Telegram

Telegram is regular updated to improve the experience and stability. The update might also contain bug fixing and new features. For the best experience, you should be using the latest version of the app. It might also fix picture sending issues.

To update the Telegram app, go to App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android), search for Telegram and hit the Update button.

6. Use Telegram Web

If you have tried the above solutions but to no avail, the Telegram app itself may have issues. You can try using Telegram web to send pictures.

Go to web.telegram.org, sign into your account, and start sharing your beautiful memories.

Final Words

Photo sending is one of the basic features of instant messaging apps. But, when it fails, you may start looking for alternatives. Fixing the Telegram pictures not sending issues is not a big things. One of the solutions we’ve mentioned above should work. However, if everything fails, probably there’s some issue with Telegram servers. You can try sending photos again in a few hours.


Why is my Telegram not sending pics?

If Telegram is not sending pics, your internet connection might be unstable. It could also happen if the Telegram app is not updated or due to VPN.

Why is Telegram not uploading?

If your Telegram upload has failed, make sure you have stable internet with a decent upload speed. There could be other factors such as VPN, outdated software, or Telegram server issues.

What is the limit of sending photos on Telegram?

There’s no limit to how many photos you can send or receive on Telegram.

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