Telegram Sensitive Content Option Not Showing, Here’s What to Do

If you couldn’t find the “Sensitive content” option in Telegram, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with the Telegram app or your device. I’ll tell you the reason and what you can do here.

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Why Is the Sensitive Content Option Not Showing in Telegram?

I went through many articles on the same topic and saw that many of them say that the sensitive content option can be found inside the Privacy and Security options in Telegram settings, but you won’t get it.

Telegram seems to have removed the sensitive content option from its platform. I’ve checked all the Settings on the Telegram app and its web version, and there are no such options as show sensitive content or disable filtering or content filtering.

So, stop wasting your time finding the sensitive content option in Telegram.

But what if you want to enable or disable sensitive content in Telegram? Check out below for more details.

How to Enable/Disable Sensitive Content in Telegram

A lot of Telegram users ask how to enable sensitive content or disable it. Well, there’s no way to enable or disable sensitive content in Telegram.

If you are trying to enable it just because you want to watch some adult stuff (you know what I mean), you are on the wrong platform. Telegram has bots that proactively scan the platform and remove these kinds of content. It can also block channels and groups if they have been found to be doing the same.

By default, Telegram uses a content filter to filter out content that is illegal or harmful.

The bottom line is there’s no such sensitive content option on Telegram. It uses its bots to remove pornographic, illegal, and harmful content.

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