Can You Recover Self Destructing Photo in Telegram?

Recover self destructing photo in Telegram

Telegram is one of the most feature-rich messaging services. It allows you to send self-destructing photos or messages that expire after a set time period. It’s a useful feature to strengthen your privacy. However, there are times when you want to see the photo after it got self-destructed on your device. Can you do that? We’ll find out the answer in this post and some useful tricks also.

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After a Telegram photo is self-destructed on your device, there’s no way you can see it again. The only option left here is to contact the sender to send it again. You may get disappointed but actually, this preserves the user’s privacy.

The purpose of sending self-destructing photo is to allow the other person to see it for a specified period of time. After which, it automatically gets deleted from your phone and Telegram’s servers.

However, you can screenshot a self-destructing photo before it gets expired. This way, you can save them on your device and see them whenever you want to.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the regular screenshot method to screenshot a self-destructing message. Instead, you can mirror your phone to your computer and take a screenshot. Or, use a different phone to capture the self-destructing photos in Telegram.

Recover Self Destructing Photo in Telegram – Verdict

Due to Telegram’s privacy, you can’t recover a self-destructing photo or message in Telegram. However, there are tricks to capture the self-destructing photos before they get expired. We have mentioned them above. We hope this guide was useful.

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