Lost Ark: Knocking on Devils Door

Knocking on Devils Door Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an immensely popular online action role-playing game. It was initially released in South Korean regions in 2019, and earlier this year, it was released in America and Europe. Surprisingly, within a day of its release, Lost Ark became the most played game on Steam. The beauty of the game is that you get to explore a new world filled with endless customizations and adventure. There’ll be events in the game which are hard to pass through, and one such is “Knocking on Devils Door” in the Lost Ark.

How to Clear Knocking on Devils Door in Lost Ark

Knocking on Devils Door is an event in getting the Unbreakable Beat quest.

The Unbreakable Beat quest is consists of three events:

  • Monday, Black Monday
  • Knocking on Devil’s Door
  • Time After Time

First, you’ll have to obtain Monday, Black Monday by completing any Guardian Raid. After that, we’ll move on to Knocking on Devil’s Door. It can be obtained at the end of the Gate of the Harmony event (or any gate). You’ll get a Treasure Chest of Harmony, click Confirm to open the chest. After the chest opens, you’ll get Givena Coins and the Knocking on Devils Door in Lost Ark will get cleared. To finish the Unbreakable Beat quest, you’ll obtain Time After Time by clearing Tower 25 on Shadespire Tower.

Take a look at this video for more details.


Q: What do you get in the Treasure Chest of Harmony?

A: After you open the chest, you’ll get Givena Coins.

Q: How to clear Monday, Black Monday in the Unbreakable Beat quest?

A: Complete any Guardian Raid to clear this.

Q: How to clear Time After Time in Lost Ark?

A: For this, you’ll need to clear Tower 25 on Shadespire Tower.

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