Telegram Not Working With VPN (6 Solutions)

Many Telegram users complain that the app is not working when connected to a VPN. Most of them are reportedly using ExpressVPN. No matter which VPN you use, if Telegram isn’t working, this guide has the solutions you’re looking for.

Follow the solutions from this guide, and get Telegram working again on your device over a VPN connection.

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Telegram Not Working With ExpressVPN

A lot of Telegram users connected to ExpressVPN were raising concerns. If you’re also using the same VPN software, I must tell you that this VPN had issues with Telegram.

ExpressVPN has resolved issues that were causing issues with Telegram. Try updating ExpressVPN and Telegram to see if it resolves the problems.

How to Fix Telegram Not Working With VPN Issue?

Try these solutions to access Telegram over a VPN connection again.

1. Check for Telegram Outages

Outages are uncommon with Telegram, but they have occurred multiple times in the past. Before making any changes, check if there are any technical difficulties with Telegram.

Telegram doesn’t offer an official website/tool to check server status, but there are third-party services such as Down Detector. Visit downdetector.com to check Telegram’s current status.

2. Use a Reliable VPN

There are hundreds of VPN services, but not all work fantastically well with Telegram.

Some of the reliable VPN services that work well are Nord VPN, SurfShark, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN.

Grab a reliable VPN and start using Telegram without any restrictions and problems.

3. Connect to a Different VPN Location

Many users got this problem fixed just by changing the VPN location to Hong Kong.

Before you rush to change the VPN location, I want to restart your device once for a fresh connection.

Now, launch your VPN app and change the VPN location to see if it resolves the problem.

4. Exclude Telegram from the VPN Connection

If Telegram is not banned in your country, you can exclude the app from your VPN connection. This way, Telegram will bypass the VPN connection while other apps will the VPN connection.

This technique of excluding specific apps from a VPN connection is called split tunneling.

Check out the guide on how to use split tunneling in Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and SurfShark.

5. Update/Reinstall the VPN

There might be issues with the VPN app, causing Telegram to not work on your device.

Update Telegram and the VPN app and check if the latest version resolves the ongoing issues.

If updating the apps doesn’t work, the VPN app may have configuration problems on your device. To fix this, remove the app and install it again.

6. Use Telegram Web

If the Telegram app still does not work with VPN, use Telegram Web. It’s the web version of Telegram that works in any browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc).

So, that’s how you can fix Telegram not working with VPN problem. I hope this guide has been helpful. Which VPN do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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